Voice Chat

Our server now has voice chat available! Making it easier to communicate and collaborate in Minecraft.

Mumble Logo

We use a system known as Mumble. First, download and install the client:

How to connect to our server:
  • Start up Mumble.
  • In the Server Connect dialog, click "Add New..." (To open the Server Connect dialog, press Ctrl+O.)
    • For Label, type a name for this connection, such as Lethargiclion Minecraft
    • Address must be: lethargiclion.net
    • Port must be: 64738
    • Pick a Username. Your Minecraft username or IRC nick is a good choice.
  • The server should now appear under the Favorites section, and show a ping time and the number of online users. Just select it and click Connect.
  • If this is the first time you've used Mumble, then the Audio Wizard will help you to adjust your microphone.
  • Now find your name in the list, and drag yourself into one of the channels to join it. Happy chatting!