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Guide to Becoming Trusted

This is a quick guide on Trusted rank and how to get it.

Why become Trusted?

Here's a quick summary of what you will get:

  • You can build anywhere on the map (apart from the island at spawn), while new users are restricted to a small area close to spawn. Anything you build outside of that area will be safe from hit-and-run griefers.
  • You get full access to all non-admin commands, while new users have certain commands blocked.
  • You can build anywhere in the Creative world! New users can visit, but again are limited to a small area.
  • You can access the community chests upstairs at spawn.
  • You get a shiny + next to your name!

How to become Trusted

Note to old returning players: A while ago all ranks were reset when we changed our permissions system. If you are no longer Trusted when you rejoin us, point us to your original application thread and we'll re-promote you.

First, spend some time getting to know the server! We like it when players show a bit of commitment before putting in a Trusted application. We'll ask you to wait if you apply after only playing five minutes.

To make an application, head on over to our forums and sign up. You can register any forum username you like, as you will be asked for your Minecraft username separately. If you are on IRC, we recommend that your forum username matches your IRC nick.

We ask you to sign up on the forums for a few reasons:

  • It allows other players to contact you if they have any issues.
  • It allows admins to contact players if needed.
  • It lets us send an email to all players about major news, such as map resets or serious server issues. (We promise never to spam you or share your email with anyone.)
  • It deters griefers from gaining Trusted status, because it requires them to give us their information.
  • Perhaps most importantly, it lets you participate in our community! Why not share some screenshots of your creations in Singleplayer, or discuss the next Minecraft release?

Now make a new thread in this subforum. Here's what you will need in your post:

  • A short introduction. Let us know your age, how long you've been playing Minecraft, and where (or from who) you learned about the server.
  • EITHER: Post a screenshot of something you've built on the server so far, big or small. This shows your commitment!
  • OR: Get a friend who's already Trusted to reply to your application thread and vouch for you. (Or do both!)
More information in your post will help as well! Feel free to add more than the bare essentials. Here's some suggestions, but none of these are required:
  • Tell us more about yourself, such as your interests, profession, fursona details (if you're furry), or anything else you feel will help everyone get to know you.
  • Let us know any alternate names that other people will recognise you by.

Now wait patiently for a moderator or admin to review your application. If one of the mods or admins is in-game or active on IRC, you can politely let them know that you've posted and they will check it out.

We accept most applications immediately, however if you've played on the server for less than an hour, or we have doubts about your trustworthiness, we may ask you continue playing as a new user for a while before making our decision to promote you to Trusted.

What next?

Now it's time to put your Trusted status to good use. Go and build! If you made yourself a shelter in the Untrusted area around spawn, you may want to move your home somewhere that's less likely to be raided by new players.

And stay active on the forums! Active and helpful community members might find themselves rewarded for their efforts...

Please remember that if you're found to be untrustworthy (by stealing, breaking a minor rule, or being a nuisance to the community), you will lose your Trusted status and you will have to earn back your trust before you can again access anything you've built in the Trusted zone. You may be banned if your behaviour continues, or your initial offence was severe. Bans may be appealed by replying to the thread that a moderator or admin will post in the forums about your ban.