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We didn't want to do this, but for various reasons detailed below, we can't allow under-13s to join our server. So if you are below this age, we must ask you to find another server to play on.

We expect everyone to have read these rules before playing on the server. "I didn't read the rules" is not an excuse.

Summarized versions of these rules are available in-game via the /rules command and the Rules Book. If there are any differences, this page is always considered to be the correct version.

Global Server Rules

  • Don't be a dick. If people abided by this, we wouldn't need any other policies about behavior. Please note that implicitly or explicitly calling someone a dick is itself a dick-move.
  • Please respect our community members who play on our server. No matter what the circumstance, abuse, insults and/or hate speech is never okay. General swearing is allowed, as long as it's not used to abuse someone in chat or on voice.
  • Players under the age of 13 are not allowed on the server. Sorry about that. There are various reasons for this, including the server's maturity rating and potential legal issues in dealing with younger players. Players who are found to be under the age limit will be permanently banned.
  • An Admin or Moderators's word is final. They are there to help, but if you are causing trouble they will do what they need to in order to restore the peace.

Global Survival Rules

  • Hacking is not tolerated as it gives the hacking players an unfair advantage. If you're caught flying, speedhacking, duping or doing anything you can't do in regular, unmodified Singleplayer, you WILL be banned.
    • X-Ray mods and/or texture packs ALSO count as hacks, if you are caught using one of these you will be asked to stop and banned if you don't.
    • If you want to use a minimap mod, we recommend Rei's Minimap (it's awesome!) as we have the server set up for its use. Other minimap mods are discouraged. Remember, we also have a global map of the server which shows live player positions and is updated hourly, it can be found here.

Per-World Survival Rules

  • Survival Overworld

    1. Respect others and their property. Don't modify or destroy other people's constructions - this is considered griefing. Don't steal from their chests, even if they are left unprotected. In general, don't touch stuff that isn't yours, unless given permission.
    2. Follow the spirit of cooperation. In this world, we work together to build and survive against the odds, risking monsters, lava, suffocation and more. If you help out other players, then they'll be glad to help you out in return. Some people may prefer to go off and build on their own undisturbed, and that's fine too.
    3. Please replant trees. We do have our regeneration system set up so we can't run out of resources, but for convenience's sake, we ask that for renewable resources (trees, sugarcane, cacti, etc) you plant some and leave it behind for the next person. It's no effort at all to plant a few saplings.
    4. Breaking the rules may result in being jailed, loss of Trusted status, or a ban depending on severity.
  • Survival Nether

    1. Respect the property of others. Don't destroy the hard work of others, especially considering it was built at some risk within the Nether. This includes "common areas" such as hallways connecting portals. Even though the Nether is PvP, wanton destruction is still griefing.
    2. Remember, this is a PvP zone. The Nether is something of a free-for-all. If someone kills you and steals your items, that's allowed. You take that risk when you entered the Nether.
    3. Regarding chests: As it's PvP, you're allowed to loot other people's unprotected chests in the Nether - that means opening the chest and taking anything you want. But please don't smash someone's chests just so they lose all their items.
    4. As a courtesy, keep portals lit. An unlit portal won't activate when someone comes from the other end, instead a new portal will be created, often only a few blocks away. If a ghast fires at you and knocks out a portal, relight it if you can.
  • The End

    For now, there are no specific rules for The End (mainly because nobody goes there). The general Survival rules still apply.

Creative World Rules

  • Don't touch what isn't yours without permission. People don't like unwanted additions or changes to their creations.
  • Hacking is still not tolerated. You WILL be banned for using tools for griefing or destruction in the Creative world.
  • Breaking the rules in the Creative world may result in your access to Creative being removed, loss of Trusted status, or a ban.