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Curious about the plugins we run and what they do?

Essential Plugins

  • CommandBook - Provides all of the essential server commands and features, such as messaging, teleports, and admin commands for banning and kicking. Requires WorldEdit.
  • CommandHelper - Provides the ability to create command aliases and write utility scripts to perform tasks. The swiss army knife of plugins!
  • PermissionsEx - This is the permissions manager for the server, ensuring players can't do what they're not supposed to.
  • WorldEdit - Gives admins powerful map-editing tools for building and modifying, copying and pasting, or even saving and loading structures and areas.
  • WorldGuard - Protects areas of the world, and manages the Restricted and Unrestricted areas. Requires WorldEdit.
  • NoCheat - Prevents fly hacking, speed hacking, and other cheats.
  • Lockette Deadbolt - Lets players lock their chests, doors, furnaces and dispensers.

Other Plugins

  • HeroSpawn - This plugin causes players who have never visited the server before to spawn at an exact, separate location to the main spawn point.
  • Spout - Provides advanced capabilities for other plugins to use.
  • MapMarkers - Sends player positions to the live map.
  • KarmicJail - Allows admins to easily send players to jail.
  • Chatter - Custom formatting for the in-game chat and Tab-key player list.
  • LogBlock - Every change a player makes is logged, so it can be checked or even reversed by mods and admins. This allows us to see who griefed, and to undo griefing with a single command.
  • LogBlockQuestioner - A helper plugin for LogBlock, giving admins an "Are you sure?" question before making big changes.
  • MonsterHunt - Manages the Monster Hunt, including scoring and prizes.
  • MinecraftBot - Links the in-game chat to our IRC channel.
The live player map is produced by Minecraft Overviewer.
Automatic map backups and auto-renewal of the Wilderness area are performed by custom scripts.