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Monster Hunt!

Every now and then, you'll see a message in-game telling you that there's a Monster Hunt tonight.

What does this mean?

It means it's time to grab your sharpest sword, head out into the night, and kill a bunch of monsters - because the person who gets the night's highest score wins the biggest prize! Try to beat your own high score, or aim for the top and claim your place as the server's best monster slayer.

Sounds awesome! How do I join?

Just type /hunt to join in! Each night has roughly a 1 in 5 chance of being a Monster Hunt. The hunt starts at sunset and lasts the entire night. An announcement will be made a few minutes before the hunt starts, to give players time to join and prepare. Once night falls and the hunt begins, it's too late to join - you'll have to wait for the next one.

  • To give players a chance to recover from their ordeal, monster hunts will never take place two nights in a row.
  • The Monster Hunt only takes place in the Overworld. Killing monsters in the Nether won't get you points.
  • A hunt has to have at least three players. If not enough people join, the hunt is cancelled.
  • If people disconnected and less than three players are in the hunt when it ends, then prizes will not be given.
  • If there is no hunt at the moment, you can still type /hunt to be included in the next one.

Wait, what happens if I die during the hunt?

Nothing exciting - you'll respawn just like normal. You lose 30% of your score for dying, but you're still in the hunt. So grab your spare weapons and go get revenge on those monsters - you could still win!

Okay, what are the prizes?

At the end of the night, rewards are automatically given out to the hunters based on their scores. The major prizes go to the top three hunters of the night, if they have enough points. The more points they score, the larger their prize!

  • If you come third and you have more than 50 points, you get:
    • An iron ingot for every 50 points you scored.

  • If you come second and you have more than 100 points, you get:
    • An iron ingot for every 20 points you scored, plus three diamonds!
    • A rare chance (5%) of getting a Music Disc instead of the diamonds! Sorry, currently broken.

  • If you come first and you have more than 150 points, you get:
    • A diamond for every 50 points you scored, plus a block of solid iron!
    • A very rare chance (2%) of getting a golden apple instead of the iron block! Sorry, currently broken.

  • If you came in the top three but didn't get enough points, you don't get a major prize.
    • This is to make sure people don't cheat the system for easy prizes.

Don't worry if you're not very good at hunting monsters. Every hunter who scored more than 50 points (including the top three) gets a cookie, and you get an extra cookie every 100 points! Cookies are cool, right?

But wait! Occasionally you won't get cookies, instead you'll get the same number of Glistening Melons, Magma Cream, Ghast Tears, Blaze Powder, or Ender Pearls. So you don't have to win to get cool stuff! You get this chance even if you're in the top three. Sorry, currently broken.

So how many points is a kill worth?

This varies depending on the type of monster and the weapon that you kill it with.

Killing a monster with a sword (wooden, stone, iron or diamond) will get you a different amount of points depending on the type of monster:

  • Wild Wolf: 5 points
  • Silverfish: 10 points
  • Zombie: 10 points
  • Spider: 15 points
  • Slime: 15 points
  • Creeper: 20 points
  • Skeleton: 20 points
  • Cave Spider: 25 points
  • Enderman: 30 points
  • Zombie Pigman*: 50 points
  • Lightning Creeper*: 75 points!

* Note: These monsters will only appear if a pig or creeper is struck by lightning.

If you kill a monster with a bow, a golden sword or your fists, or your wolf kills a monster, then the monster's regular score is modified:

  • Bow: 40% penalty
  • Your wolf: 20% penalty
  • Anything else: No bonus or penalty
  • Golden Sword: 20% bonus
  • Your empty fist: 40% bonus!

Killing monsters by setting them on fire, knocking them into lava or off a cliff, shooting them with a dispenser etc won't get you points (or experience orbs) because Minecraft can't tell that the monster's death was caused by you.

What commands can I use?

  • /hunt - to sign up for the next hunt.
  • /huntstatus - If you're in a hunt, it gives your current score plus how much time remains.
  • /huntscore - to see your high score.
  • /huntscore rank - to see how your high score compares to everyone else's.
  • /huntscore player - to see their high score.
  • /huntscore top - To see the top 5 high scores. You can also type "top 10" to see more results.

Other information

The MonsterHunt plugin was developed by matejdro.