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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I set my home? Are there warps? Can you TP me?

    Due to our philosophy, no commands that perform any sort of teleportation are available to users (this includes /home and /spawn). However, sleeping in a bed will cause you to respawn at that bed if you die, just like in Singleplayer. Also, for getting back to your home quickly, you can use the Nether, which has been developed into a quick-travel network by our users. Building a portal at your home will prove very useful.
  • Hey <admin/mod>, can you give me some X?

    No. This is a Survival server, so you're expected to mine or harvest it yourself. Even the admins play this way.
  • How do I protect my buildings and items from griefers and thieves?

    First, the Restricted Zone will prevent anyone who isn't Trusted from being able to modify your constructions or open your chests. This protects you from new users and potential griefers. They will still be able to operate buttons, levers etc.

    Second, we don't offer personal build protection to individual users. It's generally not needed and is only an inconvenience to other players who you might invite to build with you. Chest protection on the other hand is available to everyone - see the Chest Protection page for details. And if your building is damaged/griefed, an admin can undo the damage and appropriately punish the person responsible.

  • Someone griefed my house and/or stole my items!

    See the LogBlock page to learn how to check who did it. Speak to the person who caused the damage - it may have been a mistake. If they aren't around, or it's obvious that the damage is malicious, speak to an admin about it. They can undo the damage and will take action against whoever caused the issue.

    If your construction has been heavily damaged, please try to make as few changes as possible as this can sometimes interfere with a mod or admin's ability to undo the damage.

  • How do I build in the Restricted Zone, and where can I find it?

    The Restricted Zone is shaped somewhat like a square ring that surrounds the Unrestricted Zone and spawn point. The area within the "hole" is unprotected and anyone can build there. To see this, visit the map, click "Regions" and tick "Restricted". To get access to build in the protected area, you are strongly encouraged to register on our forums and make a post in the "Apply for Trusted" section. Details on how to do this are on the main page.
  • What happens to stuff that isn't in the Restricted Zone?

    If you build in the unrestricted area surrounding spawn, then your construction is at risk of damage by griefers and unscrupulous players (though this is still against the rules). Abandoned buildings in this area may also be removed by admins. If you build in the Wilderness out beyond the Restricted Zone, then your construction will almost certainly disappear as the server automatically renews that area.
  • What is the Monster Hunt?

    Check out this page for all the info.