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Chest Protection

Our rules state that stealing from chests is not allowed in the Overworld. But because it seems people just can't be trusted not to steal, you can protect your chests, furnaces, dispensers and doors using Lockette.

Fast Protection

Any chest, furnace, or dispenser can be locked using the following fast and simple method:

  • Hold a sign in your hand.
  • Right-click the chest, furnace or dispenser that you want to protect.
  • The sign will place itself onto the side of your container. Congratulations, it is now locked and only you can access or break it!

A single sign will protect a double chest.

Door Protection

Place a sign on the block above your door or double doors, and write [Private] on the first line. Leave the rest of the sign blank. Your door is now protected!

Protected doors will not respond to redstone. This stops them from being opened by anyone with a redstone torch. Iron doors will behave like wooden doors and open only when right-clicked by its owner.

For double doors, the sign can be placed above either door and will protect both of them. The double doors will now open together as a pair when either of the doors are opened. Wooden double doors lag a little when opened, but iron double doors always open at the same time.

You don't have to place the sign above the door, this is just the most common and convenient location. See below.

Advanced Protection

Use this method to allow others to access your containers.

Place a sign on the ground directly in front of (or beside) the container. For doors, the sign can be placed either on the ground directly in front of or behind the door, or it can be placed on any side of a block that is either directly above or directly below the door (or one of a pair of doors).

Then write on the sign like this:

  1. This line must say [Private]
  2. Leave this line blank, as anything you put on this line will be replaced with your username.
  3. Leave blank, or put a friend's username or a special value on this line. See below for special values.
  4. Leave blank, or put a second friend's username or a special value here.
If your friend's username is longer than will fit on one line, type as much as will fit and leave out the rest. They will still be able to get access.

When you finish editing the sign, your username will appear on the second line. If you placed a floor sign, it will stick itself to the container or door as a wall sign. The container or door is now locked and only those listed on the sign may open it. The container and sign cannot be destroyed, or the sign edited, except by its owner (the person listed on the second line).

If the first line of the sign changes to [?] then you didn't place it in the right place and it can't find the container or door to protect. Try again.

If you want to add more users or special values to the protection, you can add a second sign in the same way as the first, but write [More Users] on the first line instead. The remaining lines should be either blank, a username, or a special value. You can add as many of these signs as you can fit on your container or doors. Double chests can fit up to 5 of these extra signs!

Special Values

Instead of adding extra usernames, you can customize your protection by using special values on the third and fourth lines of the Protection sign (or on the last three lines of a More Users sign).

User Ranks: You can allow only people with a specific rank or above to access the chest by putting the name of the rank between square brackets. The following values will work: [default] [Trusted] [Mod] [Admin]

Everyone: The value [Everyone] will allow any person to access the container or open the door. However, since the container or door is still protected, it cannot be destroyed except by you. You can use this value to make double doors that anyone can open.

Timer: This only works on doors. You can make a door close automatically after being opened by using this. For example, [Timer:5] will make a door (or pair of double doors) close 5 seconds after being opened.


The double iron doors at spawn can be opened by anyone with a right-click, and automatically close themselves. They are protected by a sign like this:

- These doors are private
- TerrorBite is the owner
- Any user can open and close (but not break) these doors
- The doors will close themselves after 5 seconds

This image shows the process of protecting a chest for yourself and two friends.
Lockette example image
A pair of locked iron doors are also shown. Click the image for a larger version.

Editing Protection

You can edit the protection sigh without breaking and replacing it. Right-click the protection sign, then type into chat /lockette 3 MyFriend to change the third line of the sign to "MyFriend", allowing them access. Note that this command only works on protection signs.