Minecraft Server

Welcome to the Lethargic Lion Minecraft server!
We are run by and for the furry community, but we welcome all mature players.

Important Server Information

Server Address: mc.lethargiclion.net
Server Rules - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that aren't in the FAQ, ask on IRC or post on the forums.

Guide for New Players

  1. Are you old enough? Due to legal issues with collecting information from young players, and to enforce a minimum standard of maturity, you must be at least 13 years old to play on our server. Underage players WILL be banned.
  2. Read the server rules! Please do this before you join. If you use your common sense though, you shouldn't break any rules. Read the rest of this page too, as it explains the details of how our server works. Our FAQ page answers many common questions.
  3. Log on and get a feel for the place. Have a look at our live server map and you'll be able to see exactly where you are! To protect against griefers, new players can only build in sight of spawn. After a few hours of playing you're ready for the next step.
  4. Get Trusted status. Perhaps you've wandered far enough into the Trusted area that you've found the perfect site for a house, or you're simply eager to join our community and get started. Check out the Guide to Becoming Trusted.
  5. Make a donation if you love our server! Every donation goes towards paying the monthly server bill. Donators also get some neat abilities! We are currently working on setting up these abilities, they will be available soon! You can still donate in the meantime, and you will gain access to these abilities when they become available.

We have a Nether, where PvP is enabled, although most players use it for quick-travel rather than fighting. The main world is cooperative Survival, and our previous Survival world is now our Creative map.

To learn how to protect your chests and doors, read the Chest Protection page.

Philosophy and Gameplay

Here is our core belief: Servers shouldn't be special. Playing on a server should be like playing Singleplayer mode, but with your friends joining you. Our server is for all those who fell in love with Minecraft in Singleplayer mode, and want to share that same experience with their friends, or make new friends through the experience.

  • Vanilla, cooperative gameplay. We believe that risks such as creepers and lava, and the satisfaction of building with materials acquired through your own hard work, are part of what makes Minecraft fun, and sharing that experience with others is also fun. As a result, some things that are taken for granted on many servers (such as commands that teleport the player) are unavailable, or incur a certain cost. Cooperative play is encouraged, so PvP is disabled in the Overworld. We don't believe in unfair advantages, so we take measures to prevent cheating. We also made sure that the extra donator abilities don't give an unfair advantage.
  • Protection from theft and damage. While unmodified gameplay is all very well in theory, it does leave players vulnerable to theft and damage by those who choose to ignore the rules. For this reason we have made some additions and changes such as: protecting most of the server from new players, logging all block placement and destruction thus giving admins the ability to undo unwanted changes, giving players the ability to lock chests with a sign, etc. We try and find a compromise between protection, and convenience.
  • Maintaining the world for you, the player. We have taken a number of steps to ensure resources are available to everyone by deleting distant areas of the map regularly, meaning users visiting these areas will be creating fresh terrain, letting them find resources even if someone else has been there before. This helps to prevent the world's supplies of items like pumpkins from running out. It also helps prevent unsightly scars on the landscape as people mine deserts for sand, as players are encouraged to do this out in the far areas of the map where nothing is permanent.
  • Minecraft should be fun! We understand that Singleplayer mode can be boring at times, and there are a few things missing. That's why we added a few fun features that do not contradict, but expand upon Minecraft's gameplay, such as the Monster Hunt, which adds the challenge of fighting monsters at night, competing with your friends to see who can achieve the highest score and win the biggest prize.

Our survival world has access to the Nether and The End. The rules and gameplay are slightly different in each dimension.

  • Survival is designed to have a similar gameplay to single player Minecraft. Build by day, fight monsters by night. You can go it alone or build a community fortress with your friends. Players cannot harm other players in this world. In general, players are expected to respect other people and their property. Protection of chests/furnaces can be done using a sign (see Features below). In order to protect against griefers, players new to the server cannot alter the Permanent area of the map and must submit a build request to be allowed.
  • The Nether  operates much the same as it does in single player. To reach it, anyone can build an obsidian portal and light it, or you can use the one at spawn. The Nether is a dangerous place, with less rules. Players are able (and allowed) to harm or kill other players in the Nether, so you may want to take precautions such as travelling with a group of friends. Unprotected chests may also be looted, so keep any valuables safe in the Overworld. However, structures built by players should still be respected and any destruction of structures will be considered griefing.
  • There's also The End, where the rules are currently the same as the Nether. In future, we plan on removing The End as it currently exists, and replacing it with something more exciting.


There are two major problems that affect a multiplayer server. The first is resource depletion. Items like pumpkins, flowers and even minerals become harder and harder to find in the wild as people collect and build with them. The second is griefing. This is usually solved by either protecting the creations of users, or heavily restricting new users. This 

Our solution to this problem is simple. First, the outer areas of our map are set up to be regenerated regularly. Regeneration means that anything in the area is deleted and replaced with untouched terrain. Second, most of the map is available only to trusted users, and new users can only build in the centre of the map.

The various zones of the Survival world are:

  • Spawn Island: This is the starting point for every new user, and can be a meeting point for our players. Monsters can't spawn or hurt players here. You cannot build, but you can use the facilities that are provided.
  • Unrestricted Zone: As soon as you leave Spawn Island, you will be in this zone. Anyone can build here. This lets new users build without needing to get a promotion,  The server will tell you when you cross the boundary into the protected area.
  • Restricted Zone: Most of the map is within this area. You have to be a Trusted user to build in this area. This means you're guaranteed protection from new users and random griefers who may visit the server. It also means your Trusted friends can visit and help you build without messing around with access lists.
  • Wilderness: Sometimes people explore far into the distance, which generates huge amounts of terrain and puts strain on the server. We solve this by deleting terrain daily that is too far from spawn. It is regenerated the next time someone visits the area. Players are encouraged to visit the Wilderness in order to collect resources since the land there will always be new and untouched.

Other Nifty Features

  • Monster Hunt! On selected nights, compete with other players to kill monsters, get points, and win prizes.
  • Since wolves are rather dumb and tend to jump in lava or off cliffs, on our server wolves won't take any damage from fire, lava or falling.
  • Hanging around at the spawn point will slowly heal up to half of your food and health bars. Monsters are also unable to harm you there.

Known Issues

  • Monster Hunt's random chance of giving rare items has been disabled because it was crashing.

More Information

Please visit the subpages listed below to learn more about our Survival server. Questions? Post on our forums.