Privacy Policy

In order to protect our users, activity on our Minecraft server is logged, including chat and IP addresses. By logging in to our server you consent to having this information stored.

All in-game chat is sent to our IRC channel on Furnet. Therefore, in-game chat may be read and/or logged by people who are not in-game. You may see who is in our IRC channel by typing /names in-game.

We collect some personal information when you sign up to our forums (located at We require your email address and date of birth, both of which you may hide from public view, in order to register on the forums. We use this information in order to contact you and to enforce age restrictions. We also require your Minecraft username (publicly displayed) in order to link your forum profile with your in-game account. All other profile information is completely optional. IP addresses are recorded when you make a post, but are accessed only in exceptional circumstances.

Forum moderators and admins have the ability to see your profile information, including information you have hidden from the public. We will never share this information with anyone.

Please note: In the event of illegal activity by users on our forums, we may be required to hand over personal information, including IP addresses, dates of birth, and email addresses.

We take great care to secure our server against unauthorized access, however if our server should ever be successfully attacked, we cannot in that case be held liable for any compromise of personal data.