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Lethargic Lion 2.0

posted Mar 6, 2013, 6:41 AM by Terris Leonis
Welcome back! After some considerable downtime, we're bringing the server back with a new world in readiness for Minecraft 1.5.

The new server is currently "in beta", so please excuse any bugs and issues as we work them out. The world (excluding the Nether) will stay into 1.5, so don't worry about that. We simply ask that you be patient while we sort out the issues and make improvements.

So why the downtime? Both CyberKitsune and I (TerrorBite) have had personal issues affecting our lives recently, that have taken time away from our duties. A Minecraft update came out, requiring a server update, complicated by some major changes that Bukkit (the server mod we use) had made. Neither of us were up to the task, and our server remained on the old version for a while before eventually shut it down with the intention of updating. That never happened, until now.

We apologise for the downtime and we don't intend to let it happen again. Our problems are behind us and we look forward to a future of Minecrafting!