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Channel Rules

These rules cover both #minecraft and #minecraft-smp.
  2. Unprovoked insults, personal attacks etc are not allowed. You will be given one warning, and then banned if your behaviour continues.
  3. Do not put ops/moderators/admins on ignore. This is a fast way to get yourself kicked/banned since you are unable to hear official warnings. 
  4. Off-topic (non-Minecraft) chatter is acceptable in #minecraft. Just keep in mind that the main focus is on Minecraft, both singleplayer and multiplayer. For talk relating specifically to OUR multiplayer servers, use #minecraft-smp.
  5. Since chat on #minecraft-smp is linked to the actual Minecraft survival server, off-topic chatter there is discouraged and should take place in #minecraft instead. Please try to keep all #minecraft-smp discussion relevant to our server and the activities occuring on them.
These rules are currently under development.