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User Ranks

You can tell what rank a user has on the server by the color of their nametag, and the symbol before their name. The existing ranks are listed below, from least to most powerful, along with a description of their abilities.
  • Restricted users can't build, and are limited to a subset of commands. Users who have broken the rules are placed in this group.
  • Builders are our normal users, and have access to all the standard commands. They are unable to use restricted items. New users start on this level.
  • +VIP users can do everything a regular user can, plus they can view the list of warp points and travel to them with the /warp command. They can also use restricted items freely.
  • $Donators are users who have been granted VIP status after making a donation of $15 or more. Thanks to these generous individuals!
  • %Halfmods can do everything a VIP can, plus they can set new warp points, kick users from the server, teleport themselves to another user's location, and change the time of day. They also have access to certain moderator tools.
  • @Moderators can do everything a halfmod can do plus they can teleport users to their own location, ban users, and create items for themselves and others. They have access to a wider range of moderator tools.
  • @lepkitty is a moderator but he's pink because he's special.
  • &Admins are the ones in charge and have ultimate power over the running of the server. Adilor is head admin.