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Please understand that these rules are here in order to make everyone's Minecraft experience fun - including yours! Most of these rules are simply common sense, and shouldn't get in your way unless you're doing something you really shouldn't be. Don't forget to also read the Guidelines page.

Please note that rules 3, 6 and 7 do not apply to the temporary world that we are currently running. These rules have been grayed out below.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Don't Be A Dick. Wheaton's Law applies at all times.
    1. Personal attacks on other users, verbal or otherwise, will not be tolerated. This includes unprovoked insults.
    2. Blatant disregard of the below rules or for the wishes of other users will not be tolerated.
    3. In general  – if you make life unpleasant for everyone, then you are not welcome.
  2. Respect the property of others:
    1. DO NOT destroy, deface, or maliciously alter the work of other people (aka "Griefing") – this will result in a permanent ban.
    2. DO NOT take items from chests that don't belong to you, unless there is a sign inviting you to (such as the chests in the Community Vault near spawn, which anyone may use).
    3. Even if you have good intentions, please DO NOT modify or add on to other people's constructions (except public roads, see Rule 5) without their permission. If you do so and objections are raised, then it is your responsibility to undo your modifications.
  3. Does not apply to Tempworld
    Certain items, listed below, are restricted to VIP users and above due to their past abuse. Regular users should NOT try to use these items – you will not be successful, and the moderators will be alerted to the attempt. Instead please ask a moderator to use these items for you:
    1. Flint and steel, aka "Lighters" (id 259)
    2. TNT (id 46)
    3. Lava springs (id 10 and 11)
  4. To keep things fair for all of our users, we do not allow any form of "cheating"  – duplication of items or "inventory hacking" is not allowed. You must mine your own resources with which to build. If you need building materials fast, other users and/or the community chests may be able to help. Some materials, such as blocks from the Nether, may be handed out by mods and admins if you ask them nicely.
  5. Public roads, pathways, intersections etc are, by nature, public property and can be modified as such. This includes bridges and underwater/underground tunnels that carry public roadways, but excludes standalone bridges, mine tunnels, or other private constructions. For these, please seek permission from the owner before making any changes (see rule 2c).
    Feel free to modify and improve public roads, and to build roads and pathways that join on to public roads, but please avoid touching roads that are marked as private or that are obviously not public.
    Please also note that public roads, such as the major routes, should remain public. Don't try and claim ownership over public roads, and don't block the roads with your constructions.
  6. Does not apply to Tempworld
    Minecarts and minecart tracks are now allowed on the server, for private use (rollercoasters, internal mine railways, etc). However, in order to ensure a standardized rail system, the public railway system is being developed by our moderators. Please refrain from building public railways as they will not be connected to the main rail system if they are not standard.
  7. Does not apply to Tempworld
    Please refrain from building too close to the spawn point. While new constructions are welcomed, the spawn area is currently quite overcrowded. We are currently trying to redevelop spawn as a parkland-type area. If you are looking for a place to build, we recommend that you find somewhere near a public warp hub. This ensures that the world is kept beautiful and easy to get around.
  8. While on the server, please listen to any instructions given by the administrators and moderators.