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These are not rules, but it would make life easier for everybody if all of our users follow these guidelines.

  • Please leave signs on your area or build with your screen name on so it can be identified as yours. If you expect people not to build in your area, you need signs to let them know it's claimed. Identifying signs allow others to contact you if they have any questions or issues regarding your build. It also makes it less likely that your work will be damaged, or claimed by someone else as their own. Signs aren't hard to make – it only takes one tree! If you abandon a build for any reason, mark it as abandoned so that people may then claim the area or do their own work there.
  • When you cut down a tree, please replant it! There are many people on the server and wood is a useful resource. However, trees have become scarce lately. Bonus points for replanting more than you cut down!
  • If you want to start a new build, try to find an empty space to do it in. "Empty" means there are no signs or buildings there. It often annoys others when they find things have been constructed on "their" land, so if you see any signs identifying an area as belonging to someone, it is best to find somewhere else.
    Wander as far as you please – the server will stop you if you go excessively far. If you want your creation to be found by others though, it's best to build near a road or within sight of other people's creations.