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Here is a table of commands, who can use them, and what they do. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive.

Command Minimum
/help Everyone Displays available commands.
/who Everyone Displays list of online users.
/playerlist Everyone Another name for the /who command.
/sethome Builder Sets your home position for the /home command.
/home Builder Takes you directly to your home point.
/spawn Builder Takes you directly to the spawn point.
/jump USER Builder Takes you to USER's position, if they choose to accept.
/accept USER Builder Accepts USER's /jump request and brings them to you.
/warp POINT VIP Takes you directly to the specified warp point.
/listwarps VIP Gives you a list of warp points.
/me Everyone As per the IRC command.
/motd Everyone Displays Message of the Day (MOTD).
/msg USER MESSAGE Builder Send MESSAGE to the specified USER.
/compass Everyone Displays direction you are facing.