Freebuild Server

Our Freebuild server is OFFLINE for an indefinite period as it has not been updated in a long time, and the effort required to bring it up to date is large. If there is enough demand (try donating), it may come back online. Meanwhile, you can play Survival.

Server IP:

Some of the pages in this section are out of date as we have recently gone through some major changes to our server software.

Our Freebuild server is open to everyone. Anybody can log in, find an empty area and start building. We are not a Creative server - generally, you must mine your own building materials, although blocks may be freely left in and taken from the Community Chests near spawn.

Because we are an open server, we have a strict set of rules and employ a variety of anti-griefing tools. Please at least briefly read the rules page before you log in to the server for the first time.