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The latest news posts are below, but you can also check the Lethargiclion Twitter for the little things.

Lethargic Lion 2.0

posted Mar 6, 2013, 6:41 AM by Terris Leonis

Welcome back! After some considerable downtime, we're bringing the server back with a new world in readiness for Minecraft 1.5.

The new server is currently "in beta", so please excuse any bugs and issues as we work them out. The world (excluding the Nether) will stay into 1.5, so don't worry about that. We simply ask that you be patient while we sort out the issues and make improvements.

So why the downtime? Both CyberKitsune and I (TerrorBite) have had personal issues affecting our lives recently, that have taken time away from our duties. A Minecraft update came out, requiring a server update, complicated by some major changes that Bukkit (the server mod we use) had made. Neither of us were up to the task, and our server remained on the old version for a while before eventually shut it down with the intention of updating. That never happened, until now.

We apologise for the downtime and we don't intend to let it happen again. Our problems are behind us and we look forward to a future of Minecrafting!

Server Improvements

posted Sep 23, 2012, 9:36 PM by Terris Leonis

We've just completed a bunch of enhancements!
  • Moved the server to a faster, better machine that costs less! This means less lag for players.
  • Converted the old 1.0 world to Creative mode.
  • Made plenty of small tweaks and fixes to improve your game experience.
We've also got a few more things in progress:
  • Rewards for Donors (existing Donors will also get these rewards)
  • Auction-style item trading between players
  • Improvements to the Monster Hunt
Come and check out the changes, and have fun!

Latest and Greatest

posted Jun 19, 2012, 6:31 PM by Terris Leonis

Many of you will have noticed we've added a new PvP world recently. This is only one of the new features we're adding.

The server has been updated to all the latest plugins. For you, this means less bugs and more fun! In the coming weeks we'll also be adding a few extra features. Keep an eye out for them!


posted Jun 19, 2011, 2:58 AM by Terris Leonis

The long-awaited Survival server is finally up and running. There's a PvP area and everything.

Well, that only took a few months. Now to bring Freebuild back! (ETA: October, probably :P)

The truth about upgrades

posted Apr 27, 2011, 7:38 PM by Terris Leonis

Since the 1.4 update, our server has been spending more time down than up. Currently it is down while we set up new hosting, as our current server machine is expensive to run and zero donations have been received, making it financially non-viable to continue. We apologize for this situation and for the downtime, which aside from the lack of funding is also caused by the frequency of mod-breaking updates that Minecraft goes through.

I'd like to share this informative graphic with you, explaining what happens when Minecraft updates:

1.4 Update

posted Apr 4, 2011, 11:04 PM by Terris Leonis

Currently our Minecraft servers are down after the 1.4 update. Unfortunately TerrorBite does not have much time available due to university studies, but is working to bring our servers back in his spare time. Please be patient!

Meanwhile, we've made a proposal for the Survival server that will be coming online soon. To see it, click "Survival Server" in the sidebar and don't forget to comment on the forums to let us know what you think, or to make suggestions.

What's Happening

posted Mar 8, 2011, 8:30 PM by Terris Leonis   [ updated Mar 8, 2011, 8:47 PM ]

After over two months of running our not-so-temporary Tempworld, we're finally almost at the point of bringing back our main Freebuild world. A lot of people have asked what is going to happen to Tempworld, since a lot of work has been done on there and nobody wants to lose it. After a lot of thinking about what is best for our users, we've decided.

Currently Tempworld runs as an unmodified Survival server. We're going to bring Tempworld in as part of our Freebuild server, accessible via portal, with all protections and enhancements applying. This means it will no longer run as Survival - however all existing structures will be preserved and you can continue to build. It will also be a lot better protected against the griefing that has been occurring there lately. NOTE - it's proving impossible to transfer people's inventories over to Freebuild in our testing, so keep all Tempworld valuables in chests until we switch, so you will be able to retrieve them later.

We will also finally be starting a separate Survival server, with some griefing protections such as logging enabled. Since it's a new map, it will have all the features of the latest Beta update, including Lapis Lazuli ore and things not found in the regular world. We're also going to do our best to replicate the Nether on the new Survival server, meaning you can build your own portals, travel through them and build and harvest rare blocks in the Nether. No promises yet, but it should be possible.

We should have Freebuild up in about a week, assuming no delays. Survival ought to be up a few days after that.

Now with voice chat!

posted Mar 2, 2011, 8:25 AM by Terris Leonis

For those of you familiar with Teamspeak or Ventrilo, we are now using a similar system called Mumble.
For more information, see our new Voice Chat page.

We also have a Twitter account now, so you can more easily keep track of what's happening.

Migration Complete

posted Jan 28, 2011, 12:14 AM by Terris Leonis

We have some good news and some bad news.
The bad news is we have no idea when Bukkit will be released, so we could be running Tempworld for a while.
The good news is that we are already running on our new server hardware. This means that your Minecraft experience should be a lot less laggy now.
We encourage you to keep the donations coming, so that we can continue to pay for the new server.
You may also have noticed that ads are now being displayed on this site and on the forums. We would like to inform you that revenue earned from these ads also goes towards running the server.

hMod is dead. Long live Bukkit!

posted Jan 13, 2011, 5:28 PM by Terris Leonis   [ updated Jan 13, 2011, 6:08 PM ]

Hey0 has announced that he will not be continuing work on his server mod, known as hMod. This is what we use to administer our server. Unfortunately, there was a major Minecraft update today, forcing a server update. The old version of hMod is incompatible with the new software and refuses to run. We can run our server without hMod, but this means all protection against malicious users will be lost, putting your creations at risk of damage. We don't want this to happen. Additionally all "bonus features" like the gate system, minecart system and /jump command will be unavailable, since they rely on hMod.

Our usual way of coping with this situation (which has occurred before while waiting for hMod updates) is to launch an unmodded, "vanilla" server, which is running a different, temporary world. We reuse the same temp world each time this occurs, so that there is at least some familiarity. This is what we will be doing this time around as well, until the situation is resolved.

Fortunately, there is a light on the horizon. A new server mod called Bukkit has arrived on the scene, promising to be more efficient than hMod with even more features. They are currently working on making their first release, which should be compatible with the new update. We're hoping that Hey0 will update his existing mod to be compatible with the new update, however if this does not occur then we will need to wait until Bukkit is released.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and happy Minecrafting!

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